Entry #2

art this!

2007-11-01 18:05:55 by daftcrunk

look at this...

art this!


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2007-11-07 19:40:10



2007-11-10 16:26:40

I am, but what on god's earth is it?

daftcrunk responds:

it's a tiger,,,,with skulls.....although it may appear like a bear....do u think it would look good on a shirt?


2007-12-19 18:14:41

Sorry to say it but no it really wouldn't. It just looks like you got the image of a white tiger, Background erased the white and put a dirty stroke or outer glow on it.

Try again :P

daftcrunk responds:

exactly, just like how all graphic designers create designs for clothing. anyone can do it. go ask marc ecko


2009-01-16 15:40:57

hehe i can see the tiger....looks cool
but the rest of it i dont get....


2009-02-02 17:30:24

DUDE! thanks for the post on my forum! you are kick ass! i am so happy you liked the style! by the way nice art you got there...